Cracks In The Sidewalk

Cracks In The Sidewalk

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Purple Bandana

Break Up Forever In Love

Ever-Lovin' You

Nightingale Floor

Tangled Up In The Blues

Only You Can Tell

Two Ragged Edges

Cracks In The Sidewalk

I Lived

Three Hundred More Ways

Break Out In Handcuffs

Dreams In The Middle

Welcome Home

Slow Dance

Produced by GE Smith
Engineered and Mixed by Dave Way
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen, Marcussen Mastering
Vocals produced by Roger Love

Ann McNamee: Vocals; Piano on track 9
GE Smith: Guitars; Background Vocals on track 2
Roger Love: Background Vocals; Piano on tracks 1, 2, and 13
Melvin Seals: Piano on tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, and 12
Jon Evans: Bass on tracks 1-13
Curt Bisquera: Drums and Percussion on tracks 1-13

Track 14 Engineered by Jason Wormer at Village Recorders
and Electomagnetic
Guest Artists on track 14: Bert Keely, Guitar; Barry Sless, Guitar;
Jack Casady, Bass Balalaika; John Molo, Drums
Songs 1-13 tracked at Howling Monkey Studio

All Songs published by Save the Monkey Music/ASCAP
& © A Minor Label